21.4.18: Phil Henzig -
    Hi How do I get the Lotus 88 to download. If its a matter of money thats fine . Let me know how to get it and pay you then, Thanks in advance

10.10.17: -

27.9.17: -

19.4.17: hui - hui@hui

2.1.17: Caleb Horn -
    Hi, I love your models, but not sure how to order them and price.

25.11.15: -

10.11.15: -

1.8.15: -

2.3.15: Zathros -
    I did a review of your site at I am the Administrator there, so you may experience more traffic. You have a great site. It would be nice to know how and in what manner you can download selected models. Please, come visit us at We only offer models that are freely given and do not allow piracy, and encourage people to download models from the designers site. Feel free to contact me. Thank You for you fantastic work.

3.11.14: alessandro -
    Hi, I mwould like to buy from your list: 147 and 145 may you help?

28.10.14: -

28.10.14: -

22.3.14: -

9.6.13: -

31.5.13: brian steiner -
    is the Shadow Ford DN9A available anywhere? would love to show it in an exhibition! best+ thanks for your reply brian steiner

23.6.12: Reji -
    hi there can you send me a copy of the lotus t88 and ferrari 312b . i am challenged to build them. thanks a lot guys

14.4.12: -

12.4.12: Kofi -
    Hello! Where can I get other your fantastic models?

22.3.12: -

13.3.12: STEVE -
    Very impressive - I have recently retired and have been making wooden models approx 1/10th scale (16" long) models of historic cars, So far have done Hesketh 308, Ferrari 312T, Lotus 88 and I am just finishing a March 731 (Roger Williamson) Your images are very helpful for detail. I have been asked to make copies but it is so tedious making the same thing twice. Does the card curl up over time?